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Returns Policy



WoodMaxx’s return policy is based on a case by case basis. Most of the time, any issues can be diagnosed over the phone and resolved by sending out replacement parts. All WoodMaxx equipment comes with a minimum 2-year parts warranty; WoodMaxx will ship the customer repair parts before any further action is taken. Because the parts warranty does not cover labor, no compensation will be given for the customer’s time or a third party’s time spent making the repair or changing parts. WoodMaxx may require photos or video to help diagnose the problem before any parts are sent. WoodMaxx also may require a deposit if a defective part is required to be returned. For additional warranty details, please see the Warranty page. In the event the customer changes his or her mind on the purchase of equipment from WoodMaxx, a 15% restock/return fee will be applied. If you are purchasing from a different country, WoodMaxx will not in any way be responsible for any currency exchange fees that you many incur in the event of canceling the order. This applies to cancellation for any reason by either the prospective customer or WoodMaxx.
If shipped parts do not resolve the issue, WoodMaxx may elect to return the machine to WoodMaxx HQ for repair. This decision is made solely at WoodMaxx’s discretion. If the decision is made to ship the item back for repair, WoodMaxx will repair the item and then ship it back to the customer. WoodMaxx may choose to ship the customer a new/replacement item in lieu of the repaired item, this decision is also made solely at WoodMaxx’s discretion. In most instances, WoodMaxx will pay shipping costs, but this is also judged on a case by case basis.


WoodMaxx prides itself on sending quality machines, and does not wish any customer to be unsatisfied with his or her purchase. WoodMaxx may choose to accept a machine back due to dissatisfaction with performance. The customer must alert WoodMaxx of this situation within one week of arrival of the machine to the customer’s shipping address. The decision to return a machine is solely at WoodMaxx’s discretion. Reasons that include but are not limited to refusal of return: chipper too large/small for tractor, changing mind (“buyer’s remorse”), defective part on machine (that was repaired), machine not chipping material that it was not intended to chip (material that is not wood, soft material, small vines, etc.), and poor performance due to operator error. WoodMaxx may offer a full or partial refund; refund amounts are left to WoodMaxx’s discretion. WoodMaxx is not responsible for paying the cost of any losses or damages that are outside the actual purchase price of the machine.


No returns will be accepted without express authorization from WoodMaxx. In the event of a return, WoodMaxx will send the customer required paperwork to ship the item back truck freight. The customer will be responsible for scheduling with the trucking company the time and date that the item will be picked up. Costs for return shipping may be paid by either WoodMaxx or the customer, depending on the
circumstances. Acceptance or refusal to pay return shipping costs is at the sole discretion of WoodMaxx.

For any questions regarding the return policy, please contact WoodMaxx prior to your purchase.

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