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Snow Blower Parts

Snow Blower Parts FAQ

When is the best time to purchase a snow blower?

Most snow blower manufacturers build a limited supply of snow blowers. Once they sell out, they don't restart production until early summer because they are busy building lawnmowers. The best time to buy a snowblower is in May or June after the new models are introduced. However, here at WoodMaxx we're sure to have a supply in stock. Call us today to see what's available.

What is the average life of a snow blower and snow blower parts?

Snow blowers can last several years, even decades, if they're maintained regularly and correctly. Snow blower maintenance varies based on the type of snow blower you have, either a two stage snow blower or a single stage snow blower. Make sure how you have the correct replacement parts and accessories on hand so you can maintain the life of your snowblower.

What parts and accessories do I need to maintain my snow blower?

Check all of the nuts, bolts, screws, belts, and cords to make sure that nothing is loose. Two-stage snow blowers have two belts, one for the auger and one for the drive; single-stage snow blowers have only one belt. If the belts are worn or cracked, they should be replaced. Otherwise, make sure they are tight. Having these parts and accessories on hand is helpful for snow blower maintenance and repair, however we have them available with quick and easy shipping!

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