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WoodMaxx SS-84

84" Skid Steer Snow Blower




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SS-84 Skid Steer Snow Blower

Designed in Buffalo New York (we know snow) the WoodMaxx SB and SS series snow blowers are the perfect combination of size, weight, and power. WoodMaxx SS-series snow blowers are manufactured using heavy formed Q-235 (American standard ASTM A-36) structural steel plate. Forming allows for additional strength and rigidity. The pieces are CNC laser cut so that they fit together perfectly and are then precisely welded. This combined with the structural steel design allows for one rugged snow removal machine. To further protect these skid steer snow blowers from corrosion due to sloppy, wet, harsh salt environments, we installed marine grade stainless steel hardware. Offering features found nowhere else; these machines are built like a tank and made to last a lifetime.

The design of the SS-84 snow blowers utilizes a single powerful USA White drive hydraulic motor and gearbox to transfer power to the infeed auger and fan. This design allows for maximum power at the main discharge fan while maintaining the correct infeed-to-discharge fan speed ration. Our innovative hydraulic valve block provides constant flow and pressure to the hydraulic drive motor, by not diverting oil flow or pressure away from the fan. This is achieved by using “down flow” oil that has already passed through the motor for these functions. This feature prevents the momentary stop of the discharge fan from instantly plugging the chute when blowing wet or heavy snow.

Cutting Width & Height

The WoodMaxx SS-84 skid steer snow blower features a cutting width of 84”. It’s general practice when choosing a SS snow blower, to choose one that has a cutting width that is at least as wide of the skid steer tires, as the distance from outside to outside. Please refer to skidsteerspecifications.com if you’re unsure of the track width of your skid steer.

The cutting height on our SS-84 PTO snow blower is 27” high.

Serrated Auger

The WoodMaxx SS-series skid steer snow blowers are equipped with a heavy gauge 3/16″ (4.8mm) AR400 – equivalent tempered alloy steel 17.5 inch serrated auger. This prevents damage to the auger blades when backing into those frozen snow piles. At the base of our auger design, you’ll notice we’ve strategically built a heavy wall 2-7/8″ (70mm) tube as well. This large diameter tube around the main auger is what ensures the auger continues to run true without deforming. It also allows the blower to quickly chop and pull frozen snow into the blower fan. Additionally, we have equipped the auger with a quick-change shear bolt to protect the drive train, if the auger was to experience a jam.

4-Blade Open Center Fan

The WoodMaxx SS-84 skid steer snow blower utilizes a 24” diameter, 4-blade, open center cupped fan. It features a 3,393 ft./min blade tip speed and 6.75” fan depth for heavy snow removal. These cup shaped blades force the snow outward to evacuate the housing. The fan is constructed of 5/16″(8mm) steel, weighing 74 lbs. It is inevitable that chunks of ice may pass through the fan, so it’s important to use heavy steel in the construction to prevent damage. These fans are heavy duty and act as a flywheel to keep going through heavy snow. All WoodMaxx SS-series fan are dynamically balanced to ensure smooth running without vibration while prolonging bearing life. This design allows the snow blowers to be extremely productive when scooping and discharging heavy snow.

Cast Iron Oil Bath Gear Box

The heart of the WoodMaxx SS-series snow blowers is the right-angle oil bath gear box. Built for heavy use, the sealed cast iron gear box houses precisely machined bevel gears that are bathed in oil during use for long life.

#60 Roller Chain Transmission

Power is transmitted from the gear box to the auger through a shaft and heavy #60 chain and sprocket design, which incorporates an easy to adjust chain tensioning mechanism. This solid-state design ensures proper auger to fan speed ratio, increases torque and is easy to maintain.


Robust Discharge Chute

WoodMaxx SS-series skid steer snow blowers are equipped with a heavy gauge 1/8″ (3mm) thick 9″ diameter steel discharge chute with high-density polyethylene liner. The chute liner keeps the snow moving and prevents plugging. The large 9″ chute diameter allows the snow to clearly and freely exit the fan housing. The chute is specially designed to form to an arch, further boasting its ability to throw snow as far as possible.

Hydraulic Chute Rotator/Deflector

WoodMaxx SS-series snow blowers come standard with all wiring harnesses and the handheld remote control. No need for any factory installed wiring from your skid steer. The WoodMaxx SS-84 will work with any skid steer provided that proper hydraulic flow is provided. Supported by 4 roller bearings, the chute rotates easily without freezing up.

Bolt-On Hardened Steel Cutting Edge

The bolt-on replaceable hardened steel cutting edge allows for easy replacement when the time comes. Competing blowers use soft mild steel cutting edges that are welded in place.

The cutting edge is also capable of scraping snow clean down to the pavement but is also more forgiving on stone driveways than angled cutting edge designs.

Bolt-On Replaceable Skid Shoes

Standard equipment includes bolt-on and replaceable 6” wide skid shoes. These robust skid shoes take little wear and are easily replaced when the time comes.

High Intensity LED Work Light Option

To illuminate the work area, we offer an optional high intensity (1140 lumen) LED work light. It features exterior grade Die-Cast Aluminum Housing, whose back also functions as a built-in ‘heat sink’ with 6 LED bulbs totaling 18 Watts, a polycarbonate lens, and stainless-steel mounting hardware. This high intensity LED work light is designed to illuminate in a 90-degree flood pattern and positioned on the snow blower in just the right spot for wide and bright operation area.

Mount Type

SS-series snow blowers will mount to any skid steer that has a universal skid steer attachment mount. If you have any questions about compatibility, just give us a call.


The WoodMaxx SS-84 skid steer Snow Blower comes with a 2-year warranty. At WoodMaxx our service department is staffed with professional certified technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble-free machine from the get-go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse.

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