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WoodMaxx DC-650 Gas Powered Wood Chipper




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WoodMaxx DC-650 Gas Powered Wood Chipper

The WoodMaxx DC-650 is a self-feeding gasoline engine powered wood chipper that features a 6″ x 5″ infeed opening and can handle material up to 2.5″ in diameter. Weighing in at 187 pounds this drum style chipper is equipped with a professional grade Briggs & Stratton XR950 gasoline engine that boasts 6.5 HP and 9.50 ft./lbs. of torque. The material is fed into a slopped infeed bin and fed into the 9″ diameter 30 lb. chipper drum that acts as a power feed assist system pulling the branches in at up to 35′ per/min. Although the chipper weighs almost 200 pounds it is perfectly balanced and can be easily moved around the work site. Check out these features:

Briggs & Stratton 208CC OHV XR950 Professional Series Engine

The WoodMaxx DC-650 is equipped with the high performing and durable, Briggs and Stratton 208CC OHV XR950 Professional series engine. This engine features a Dura-Bore? Cast Iron Sleeve and a Forged Crankshaft for longer engine life. It provides you with the perfect amount of power, performance, and durability to get the job done. This engine has 6.5 hp and 9.50 ft./lbs. of torque (engine meets U.S. EPA and California EXH/EVP SORE regulations). Please click here to learn more.

Centrifugal Clutch

The centrifugal clutch allows for easy starting by keeping the belt drive disengaged until engine RPM is increased. The clutch automatically adjusts itself for varying loads, ensuring the engine maintains its optimal torque range and delivers the best performance to the chipping drum.


The WoodMaxx DC-650 weighs 187 lbs.

6″ x 5″ Infeed Opening

The WoodMaxx DC-650 offers a 6″ x 5″ infeed to easily accept those crooked branches. The recommended chipping capacity is 2.5″ soft greenwood and 1″ seasoned hardwood. This is a self-feeding, gravity assisted design with a sloped infeed bin (strong branches must be trimmed). The infeed rate is 35 ft./min.

2.5″ Wood Diameter Capacity

The WoodMaxx DC-650 can handle 2.5″ soft greenwood and 1″ seasoned hardwood.

30 lb./9″ Diameter Drum Type Chipper Head

This perfect balance of size and weight provides exceptional chipping force to provide you with a flawless chipping experience.

Adjustable Bed (Anvil Knife)

The WoodMaxx DC-650 is equipped with an adjustable bed knife to ensure the proper knife gap is achieved. This feature allows the user to adjust the distance between the flywheel knife and the bed knife so that the required distance is maintained after knife sharpening. Proper gap is important so that even the small material is chipped as it passes through the chipper. Click here to learn how long your chipper knives will last.

Digital Hour Meter

The WoodMaxx DC-650 digital hour meter ensures proper maintenance intervals.

2 Heavy Duty Main Shaft Bearings

The main shaft bearings on the DC-650 wood chipper passes through the flywheel housing and is supported by two industrial flange bearings. This feature, combined with the heavy duty shaft, allows the flywheel to run extremely true, while adding a great deal of strength.

Hinged Infeed Hopper- Easy Knife Access

All wood chippers will require some routine maintenance like adjusting the gap between the bed knife and the flywheel knives as they wear. This gap is essential to proper operation of the wood chipper. The infeed hopper on the WoodMaxx DC-650 swings open to expose the bed knife, allowing the user to access the knife to make adjustments. Simply remove 2 bolts and the hopper will swing open like a door. Other chippers require the user to crawl into the infeed hopper to change the bed knife or adjust the gap between the bed knife and flywheel knives.

2 Heavy Duty V-Cogged Drive Belts

The WoodMaxx DC-650 wood chippers are equipped with two heavy-duty Gates brand cogged V-belts. These v-belts are known for their superior performance and reputability. They are easy to find at any auto parts store; SAE standard size AX34.

Safety Stop Bar

Safety is paramount on WoodMaxx wood chippers. Located at the top of the infeed bin, the DC-650 utilizes an electrical safety switch to shut the engine down. Simply push down the safety bar and the engine will come to a halt in seconds.

Rust Resistant Powder Coat Finish

This is high impact, UV stable, fade-resistant polyester powder coating that is baked on at 450 degrees. Powder coating finish is thicker and more durable than ordinary paint.

13×5.0-6 Tires

These chippers come standard with a pair of DOT approved 4-ply rugged directional tires. These tires can handle all sorts of obstacles from the streets to the job site. If a wider wheel base is needed, we offer a 12″ base extension kit.

Rubber Chip Baffle

The WoodMaxx DC-650 is equipped with a rubber baffle feature that protects the user from chip blow-back.

2 High Carbon Tool Steel Reversible Knives

This machine is equipped with (2) high carbon tool steel reversible knives and (1) bed knife.

Machine 90% Assembled Upon Delivery

The WoodMaxx DC-650 comes shipped to you in a wooden container and is almost completely assembled. Simply attach the infeed bin, discharge chute, and wheels. All WoodMaxx chippers are given a comprehensive 22 point inspection, and are serviced prior to leaving our warehouse. The drive belts have been aligned and tightened, knives have been installed, adjusted, and torqued down, and bearings have been greased. These and other steps performed here greatly reduce assembly time on your end. Just follow the illustrated, user friendly assembly manual (and watch the video), and you will be up and running in about two hours.

2 Year Warranty

This robust chipper comes with an equally robust 2 year warranty. Our service department also stocks a full line of replacement parts.

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