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Made in the USA

WoodMaxx MX-8500G+


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MX-8500G+ Direct Drive Gravity Feed Wood Chipper

The All-New industry leading WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ direct drive gravity feed USA made wood chipper is packed with features that are so unique it stands alone in its own class. Perfect for cleanup of branches 5″ diameter or less. Designed with the sub-compact tractor owner in mind (but can be used on any cat-1 tractor), this wood chipper comes in under 425lbs but boasts a heavy duty 3/4” thick structural steel flywheel. We’ve engineered the perfect mix of simplicity with innovation to deliver a wood chipper that requires no powered infeed system, belts, jackshafts, or hydraulics yet it offers excellent performance and efficiency. “G” stands for gravity, the “+” represents the sum of the engineered features that make the MX-8500G+ superior to all others.

Made in the USA

WoodMaxx patented MX-Series wood chippers are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA at our Akron, NY facility. With a multi-million-dollar investment in the latest high-tech fabricating equipment to increase production, WoodMaxx MX-Series wood chippers are in high demand.


As shown in customer videos, this chipper pulls material flawlessly, without any resistance, which leads to one of our most common customer questions. How is this possible and what allows for such efficiency, speed, and power? This has to do with the patent pending rotary anvil, which assists in feeding material to create less friction, allowing for a smooth transition from log to chips. The engineers thoughtfully chose the angle of the chipper knives as well, so you’ll notice they’re angled rather than perpendicular, like our hydraulic chippers. This knife design enhances the chipping experience since it gives the logs the opportunity to immediately catch the sharp edge of the knives for a seamless pull.

Rotary anvil (patent pending)

This innovative WoodMaxx patent pending Rotary Anvil design increases material infeed efficiency. All other chippers on the market include a flat edge stationary anvil which acts as a lower cutting edge in conjunction with the flywheel knife, similar to the blades on a pair of scissors. This function shears the wood material clean off, releasing the wood from the inward pull of the rotating flywheel. Although this is acceptable for a chipper that utilizes a powered infeed system, it is not ideal for a gravity feed chipper. WoodMaxx patent pending cylindrical anvil prevents the material from being sheared off completely upon first strike. This action causes the flywheel knife to pull the wood material downward around the radius of the spherical anvil increasing the pulling effect of the wood material into the chipper which greatly increases the chipping efficiency. You will not find this feature on any other wood chipper on the market.


The WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ requires a tractor with a category 1 or 2 three-point hitch and at least 15 HP at the PTO. Chipping capacity is directly related to horsepower and torque, therefore with 15 HP you can expect to chip 3″ hard wood and 4″ soft wood. With 50+ HP you can expect to chip any material up to 5″ in diameter with no trouble.

Heavy Duty ¾” Flywheel

Immediately after material is fed into the chipper, the 110 pound structural steel flywheel gets right to work. The dynamically balanced 24” diameter flywheel is coupled with a 1-3/4” main shaft supported by two industrial grade 4-bolt flange bearings ensuring that the flywheel runs smooth and true, greatly reducing vibration.

Reversible Made-In-USA Angled Chipping Knives

Equipped with four (4) USA made A8 hardened tool steel knifes mounted on an angle increases the effective cutting edge projection and the effective pull of material into the chipper head. Bigger projection=Bigger bite=more work in less time. These knives are attached to the flywheel with made in USA Holo- Krome class 12.9 bolts. The reversible knives means that you get twice the work out of one set! With 4 total knives, the work is equally divided by 4 times, prolonging knife life while still boasting 36 strikes every second. Click here to learn how long your chipper knives will last.

5” Wide ¼” Thick Flywheel Housing

The MX-8500G+ is manufactured with a 5” wide flywheel housing to make room for the extra tall flywheel fins. These extended fins are designed to increase airflow in the flywheel chamber to help evacuate all those chips to right where you want them.

Direct Drive PTO

The MX-8500G+ is an addition to our direct drive line-up. The premium PTO shaft (included in purchase) from your tractor hooks directly to the input shaft of the flywheel. This results in the most efficient transfer of torque and power as there are no intermediate components such as belts for torque to be lost. The WoodMaxx 8500G+ is designed for use ranging from 540-1100 PTO RPM.

Sloped Infeed bin

At only 42” (waist height) high, the infeed bin quickly slopes downward leaving gravity to do the rest. This slope is paired with our rotary anvil and angled flywheel knives to provide optimal infeed ability. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of our videos and see it for yourself.

True 8” x 5“ Infeed Opening

The WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ wood chipper offers a large 24” x 24” infeed opening that funnels down to 8” wide x 8″ high flywheel opening. Note- ( flywheel opening is 8″x8″, but will only accept 5″ material because of the sloped infeed angle in relation to the flywheel opening.)


Safety is paramount, therefore the WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ is equipped with a clear vinyl baffle feature that protects the user from chip blow-back, while allowing the user to see what is going on in the hopper.


WoodMaxx MX-series wood chipper knives can be changed easily by one person in as little as 10 minutes. The entire top of the blower housing opens like a clam shell. This allows for easy access to the flywheel and knives.


The WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ wood chipper comes with a 3 year warranty. Our service department also stocks a full line of replacement parts if the need arises. Made in the USA means no waiting for shipments of foreign parts.

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