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What You Should Know about Wood Chippers

Wood chippers can be among the most useful pieces of equipment for people with large properties, farms, ranches or business owners. WoodMaxx Power Equipment offers a nice selection of wood chippers that can tackle fallen limbs, foliage and other landscaping debris so that you can get your property under control and transform branches into usable mulch or chips.

When choosing the best wood chipper for your needs, consider the features that you need and want and check chipper shredder reviews. WoodMaxx chippers are outfitted with innovative features that allow you to get the job done quickly, easily and effectively. Dual in-feed rollers maintain constant pressure to grab and pull materials through, and the spring-loaded design allows it to process materials smoothly and in even-sized chips or shreds.

The WM-series chippers from WoodMaxx are available in two models. The WM-8M model uses a mechanical auto-feed system and powers the upper feed roller with a gearbox and drive shaft. The WM-8H model uses a self-contained hydraulic pump and reservoir to power its in-feed motors without the need for additional hydraulics from your tractor.

WoodMaxx wood chipper shredder machines are all designed to handle even the heaviest workloads and provide you with service for many years. The blades are high-carbon, high-chromium A-8 tool steel, and each one is bolted to the flywheel with 12.9 HOLO-KROME bolts for maximum stability. Teeth are carefully spaced to minimize the risk of jams and impactions, and the convenient access panel makes it easy for a single person to change knives.

Every chipper WoodMaxx sells is protected by a comprehensive three-year warranty, and WoodMaxx has replacement parts ready to ship. When you purchase your chipper shredder through WoodMaxx, you can be confident that you are purchasing a solid, reliable piece of equipment. Contact us today to find the best chipper for your needs or to place your order.

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