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What to Consider when Buying a Wood Chipper?

When you are on the market for a chipper shredder, you naturally want to do your research to make sure that you get the best chipper for your money. However, these chippers offer a bewildering array of features, making it difficult to know which chipper is best for your wood chipper operation. WoodMaxx has four models of chippers including the PTO wood chipper for sale which is functional and durable, making it a favorite in the industry.

Your first consideration when you purchase a wood chipper is how easy it is to hitch. Some wood chippers are notoriously difficult to hitch to a tractor, making them nearly impossible to set up if you are working alone. WoodMaxx chippers feature the easy hitch system, allowing you to simply back your tractor in and attach the pins. One person can set up the chipper within minutes.

WoodMaxx chippers are also easy to use. Two of the WoodMaxx models feature auto-feed options with dual in feed rollers that grab the wood and pull it in, reducing the need to force the wood into the chipper. These models use hydraulics or a belt-driven gear box and a drive axle system to operate the rollers.

The WoodMaxx chippers are strong and durable because of their superior design. They are made from the strongest plate steel available, helping them withstand even the most rigorous use. The WC-8N is a durable, yet economical chipper that is solidly built to withstand medium use, making it ideal for a home or ranch owner who needs a chipper for the occasional job.

Review each of the WoodMaxx wood chippers for sale on the website to help decide which chipper is best suited for your needs. Each chipper offers a two year warranty with the option to purchase a third year, so you can rest assured that your chipper will last for years.

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