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What to Consider when Buying a Snow Blower Attachment

There comes a time when most home or business owners must make a decision about investing in a quality tractor mounted snow blower. A snow blower is useful for clearing away heavy or light snowfall from a parking lot or driveway. It is important to consider several aspects of snow blowers for tractors before you make a purchase, however.

WoodMaxx designs and manufactures four different models of snow blowers. Your first consideration is the type of blower. Choose from a PTO blower, which uses energy harnessed from the tractor’s engine for all of its power to clear away snow, or from a skid steer model. Skid steer use the front hydraulics on a skid steer to operate. Each type of snow blower has advantages, depending on your needs.

Once you have decided which type of WoodMaxx snow blower is best for your needs, select the size of blower that works best for you. Each type of snow blower comes in two sizes: a 59 inch cutting width and a 72 inch cutting width. Choose the wider models for clearing snow from larger spaces, such as driveways and parking lots, or the 59 inch models for clearing walks and pathways. Each blower features a cutting height of 25 inches.

Your final consideration is the construction of the snow blower attachment. WoodMaxx creates blowers from the highest quality plate steel available, and each part is designed for each of use and durability. Replaceable parts are created to be easy to remove and replace, and WoodMaxx stocks replacement parts that are ready to ship to your door. Each snow blower, chipper shredder, and backhoe attachment comes with a standard two year warranty, as well as the opportunity to purchase an additional third year for added peace of mind.

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