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What is the Purpose of a Backhoe Attachment?

You have seen backhoes at countless construction sites, but you may not be aware of all of the uses of a backhoe. A backhoe attachment is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment that you can own for your farm, ranch, construction business, garden, or landscaping business. WoodMaxx designs and manufactures three sizes of backhoe attachments, allowing you to choose the size that is right for your needs.

A backhoe has many uses for the home or business. The two primary functions of the backhoe are digging and carrying. Backhoes can be used to dig holes for foundations of new buildings, to dig trenches for utilities, to level the ground for planting or for constructing patios or parking lots, and much more. In addition to digging and leveling, backhoes are useful for transporting materials. For example, a backhoe can be used to move mounds of debris from construction or demolition sites, or to create landscape features such as terraces or ornamental hills.

Most backhoe are used only occasionally. These backhoes do not need a full-sized, such as the ones you can find at major construction sites. Instead, a compact model is needed so that it can be detached from their tractor and stored when not in use. WoodMaxx has three backhoes in three convenient sizes: a six-foot model, a seven-foot model, and an eight-foot model. Each model has its own capabilities and specifications.

Each WoodMaxx backhoe is made from high-quality plate steel that is precisely cut for optimum ease of use. Every element of our backhoes are designed with the user in mind, from our easy hitch design to our proprietary valve system that allows the operator to switch between ISO and CAE control patterns.

Read more about each of the WoodMaxx backhoes on our website. Also, be sure to read about our other high quality WoodMaxx machines. We offer four models of wood chipper and four models of snow blower. Every WoodMaxx machine is quality designed and comes with a standard two year warranty.

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