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What is a Snow Blower Attachment?

Whether you are dealing with record amounts of snowfall or you live in the snow belt, a snow blower attachment can simplify your life. Wood Maxx offers four different snow blower models to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Our snow blowers can handle lighter, dryer snows or deep, heavy snows with ease.

Snow blower attachments are designed to clear large swathes of snow with a fraction of the effort that shoveling requires. A snow blower can be used on parking lots, driveways, or pathways and sidewalks. They are powered through your tractor, which reduces the physical strain and effort that shoveling requires. Several cutting widths are available to provide you with a versatile machine that meets your needs, and cutting blades are designed to plow through any type of snow without clogging or breaking. The adjustable chute can move the snow exactly where you want it for convenience. WoodMaxx offers a snow blower for either your tractor or your skid steer.

Each WoodMaxx PTO and skid steer snow blower comes complete with a two-year warranty that protects your equipment and your investment if anything goes wrong. You may also have the option to purchase an extended warranty for further peace of mind. Our parts department stocks all essential and consumable parts and has them ready to ship whenever you need them.

Each snow blower we craft is guaranteed to meet our consistently high standards. We use only the best materials and consistently test our designs to ensure that each one provides you with the most efficient, durable solutions possible. We stand behind our equipment and are committed to your satisfaction with our products, and shipping is free throughout the continental United States and Canada. Contact us today to learn more or to place your order.

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