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What is a Backhoe Used for?

You have seen them at construction sites alongside highways, at construction projects in cities, and even at golf courses, farms, and ranches. However, most people do not know what a backhoe is and what it is used for. The backhoe is one of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can own. Whether you own a construction company or simply need a backhoe for occasional use for landscaping projects, you will never regret your purchase of a quality WoodMaxx PTO backhoe.

Backhoes are so useful because they can perform a variety of heavy-duty construction projects. Whether you are digging trenches, removing debris from a demolition site, moving piles of dirt or scrap, or removing dirt to build an ornamental pond, the backhoe makes the work easy. Tasks that would take a group of laborers days to complete can be accomplished expertly and efficiently by a backhoe in just a fraction of the time.

If you often complete larger projects, owning your own PTO or tractor mounted backhoe can save time and money. Renting backhoes can result in frustration from receiving a backhoe that is not the right size or style for the job, and the expense of renting can add up over time. However, purchasing a backhoe requires a one-time cost, and when you purchase a durable WoodMaxx backhoe, you can be sure that your backhoe will do the job right every time.

Each of our backhoes comes with a standard two-year warranty, with the option to purchase a three year warranty. If your backhoe does need service or maintenance, WoodMaxx stocks a full line of parts that are ready to ship, so you can get back to your job as soon as possible.

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