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What are wood chippers used for?

It seems as if every self-respecting contractor or woodsman owns a high quality wood chipper, such as the one produced by WoodMaxx. However, many owners as well as people considering purchasing a chipper or a chipper shredder are not aware of all of the many functions that a wood chipper can offer.

When you are clearing your land, you may find that much of the wood is not useful for lumber or to sell as firewood. Many owners of wood chippers or chipper shredders use them because they turn this waste wood into small, easily bagged and transported pieces. These pieces can later be sold as mulch or for other uses, and the cost of transporting large branches or tree trunks is greatly reduced.

An additional use of wood chippers is to turn wood from trees into chips for smoking meats or for grilling. Mesquite trees are a good example. The mesquite tree is a nuisance in Texas and parts of the American Southwest because it has deep roots that soak up too much usable water. The wood from mesquite has limited commercial uses, but the chips create a fragrant smoke that is ideal for barbecuing or for smoking meats. As a result, many ranchers own a chipper or shredder to turn their pest trees into a valuable commodity. Other woods can also be used in this way, such as apple wood, pear wood, or oak.

Chippers and chipper shredders can also be used to make your own mulch. Mulch is useful for a wide variety of purposes, from making an attractive ground cover for flower beds or to surround trees to helping the soil around plants retain water. In addition, wood chips and shreds can be used to cushion playground areas to help prevent injuries from falls. Finally, wood chips or shreds can be used as compost. When certain types of wood break down over time, they can help form nutrient rich soil.

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