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What are the Important Features of Backhoes?

It is hard to complete any significant construction project without the use of a backhoe. Backhoes are heavy duty pieces of machinery used to remove large amounts of dirt and debris from the construction site, helping to ready the site for building. Before you purchase a PTO or tractor mounted backhoe, it is important to understand their features so you can select the right one for your needs.

There are different types of backhoes to choose from, including tractor mounted and PTO backhoes. The right backhoe for you depends on several factors.

Backhoes also differ in height and digging depth capabilities. Larger projects typically require larger backhoes with greater digging reach; however, the backhoe that you choose also depends on the type of materials you are moving and the scope of the project.

You also need to consider the swing arc of the backhoe. Different brands of backhoes offer different swing arcs, which affects the usability of the backhoe. All WoodMaxx backhoes offer a 180 degree swing arc, allowing for maximum ease of use.

Another option to consider when purchasing a backhoe is horsepower. Larger projects that deal with heavier materials may require a backhoe that has more horsepower. WoodMaxx recommends a backhoe with an 18 to 35 horsepower capability for most projects.

The control pattern of the backhoe is also important. WoodMaxx backhoes feature both the SAE and the ISO control pattern, making them versatile and appropriate for any operator.

Finally, at WoodMaxx we know that you are about durability and quality. In addition, we take steps to ensure that your backhoe will last in all kinds of weather. Our backhoes are all treated with your choice of orange, black or yellow rust resistant powder coat, allowing you to use your backhoe for years to come.

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