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What are the features of 3pt Tractor Wood Chippers?

There are a few key features that you will want to look for when you have begun the process of purchasing your next 3pt wood chipper. Whether it is for personal use around your own property or professional debris removal, we build every single one of our products with durability, quality and affordability in mind.

Many of our mechanical auto-feed wood chippers now come with the EZ quick option, but we also provide a full line of 3pt wood chipper options that will allow a single user to attach and operate this equipment in just a few moments time. Unlike a 3pt tractor wood chipper from another company, you will not need to force the draw arms of your tractor around to the draw pins to attach it. Instead, you can simply back in and insert the pins in just a few moments time. This means less downtime for moving your 3pt tractor wood chipper and more time spent getting the job done providing you with an efficient means to do it, saving you both time and money.

Along with these unique attachment options, we have built each of our chippers and shredders with the smallest of details in mind. We understand that our equipment is only as good as the weakest bolt, and that is why we have created these products with quality components that have been made right here in the United States. This includes some of the unique features that are currently available on many of our mechanical and hydraulic shredders such as a dual infeed rollers and quick release blades.

If you have been on the market for a new 3pt wood chipper, WoodMaxx is here to help. We are proud to not only be able to offer some of the best equipment in the world, but to supply you with a comprehensive warranty and satisfaction guarantee that will allow you to make your next purchase with confidence.

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