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What are the Different Types of Tractor Backhoe Attachments?

Most people are accustomed to seeing a backhoe attachment at construction sites and on large pieces of private property, such as farms and ranches. However, most are not familiar with how a backhoe works and what their capabilities are until they need one. A backhoe is a powerful and useful piece of equipment that can excavate large holes for foundations or be used for utility work as well as move large amounts of debris quickly and efficiently. WoodMaxx offers three distinct models of durable, high-quality backhoe tractor equipment parts.

The WM-6600 is our six foot model backhoe. This backhoe features a seven foot maximum digging depth, a five foot loading height, an eight foot, six inch pivot from the center line of pivot, and a 3 foot 2 inch loading reach. For a full description of this models capabilities and specifications, visit our website. This model is ideal for many home users as well as landscapers or small construction businesses.

The WM-7600 is our seven foot tractor backhoe attachment. This model is our mid-range model for size and capabilities, and it features an eight foot maximum digging depth, a five foot ten inch loading height, an 9 foot, 6 inch pivot from the center line of pivot, and a three foot seven inch loading reach. More details about this model are available on its web page.

Finally, the WM-8600 is our largest backhoe. This model is best suited for larger projects or for businesses that routinely build larger construction projects. The WM-8600 is our eight foot model, and it offers a nine foot maximum digging depth, a six foot, one inch loading height, a ten foot, six inch pivot from the center line of pivot, and a four foot loading reach.

Check out our website for more details about our durable, quality backhoes. WoodMaxx also offers chipper shredders in four models as well as four robust models of snow blowers.

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