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What are the advantages of tractor mounted wood chippers?

Many customers prefer a tractor mounted wood chipper over other models because of their many advantages. High quality WoodMaxx chippers are easy to set up, simple to maintain, and easy to use.

WoodMaxx tractor mounted chippers are easy to attach to the tractor. Our EZ-Hitch system is an innovative design that allows the operator to simply back the tractor in to the wood chipper and attach the chipper, without having to get off of the tractor and manually put in the pins. This process is so simple and easy that even a single operator can do it all by him or herself without additional help. Many competitor models of wood chipper for tractor are much more difficult to attach and require two or more people to set up.

WoodMaxx chippers are versatile, allowing them to work with a variety of tractors. All the operator must do is ensure that the tractor is category I or II three point hitch, and meets the horsepower requirements, and they can get to work.

WoodMaxx chippers are easy to store. Because they use a tractor for their power, they can be detached and kept in a storage shed or barn until they are ready to use. This not only reduced the amount of bulky equipment that is cluttering your yard or business site, but it also ensures that you can easily keep your chipper out of the elements.

We are so convinced that you will love your WoodMaxx tractor-mounted chipper that we have included a two-year warranty with all of our models. After the two years are up, if you do need to replace parts, we keep a full line of replacement parts on hand so you can get back to work quickly when it counts.

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