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What are chipper shredders used for?

Anyone that has a larger piece of property or works with a debris removal company has no doubt considered purchasing a chipper shredder. Chipper shredders can often turn back-breaking jobs into a simple task as long as the right style and brand is chosen. If you are currently debating purchasing a chipper, here is a look at a few of the tasks that can be performed with chipper shredders and some of the features that our units offer.

While those with a smaller piece of property may consider a smaller hand-operated shredder that runs on its own engine or a compressor, these types of units have quite a few limitations. Anyone that plans on using their shredder for larger trees or on a larger property should consider a larger product.

The primary purpose of a wood chipper is to break down branches and other natural debris into smaller chips. Depending on the size of the chips themselves, these chips can be discarded, used as mulch, or used as cheap ground cover. This is often done with walkways or unused sections of property, adding nutrients to the ground and often preventing unwanted weeds.

When choosing a chipper, one of the most important features to look for is the option for variable speeds. While many companies do say that it is the angle of the mulching blade that affects the size of the chip, it is in fact the speed of the infeed rollers and the blades themselves.

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