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Types of Wood Chippers

Both consumers and companies can use wood chippers to break down wood into pieces that can be easily disposed of or used for landscaping and other purposes. Depending on the requirements of the user, one type of wood chipper may be more appropriate than others. Here is more about the different wood chipper types.

Brush Chippers

Brush chippers are the most common type of wood chipper. Compact and easy to tow, brush chippers can be attached to tractors and used to quickly turn branches into mulch. A variety of shut-off functions and horsepower levels are available to suit different requirements.

Horizontal Grinders

Intended for heavier use than brush chippers, horizontal grinders include conveyor belts to guide materials into the chipping chamber. Some horizontal grinders are self-contained vehicles in and of themselves, but many are designed for three-point use with a tractor. The resulting wood chips are ejected into a large pile next to the grinder.

Whole Tree Chippers

Whole tree chippers are similar to brush chippers but are much larger for use with full trees. Thanks to heavier components, whole tree chippers can be used to grind all parts of a tree. High horsepower and the ability to tow with a work vehicle or tractor make these chippers very versatile.

Three-Point Chippers

A 3pt tractor wood chipper can make chipping wood easier for power users of these machines. By harnessing the energy supplied by the tractor to accomplish its task, a tractor chipper makes quick work of trees. In comparison to standard garden chippers, three-point chippers are designed for heavier duty tasks.

Chippers are ideal for anyone who needs to dispose of large amounts of wood for residential or commercial purposes. With the resulting wood chips, chipper owners can landscape areas and keep moisture in the ground for the health of plants. Three-point chippers provide a simple and heavy-duty option for power users.

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