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Three Point Hitch Snow Blower

Shoveling snow is back breaking work. Whether you have a large driveway or even an entire parking lot to clear, when it snows heavily, you need a three point hitch snow blower. A snow blower eliminates the heavy lifting and bending and makes the work of clearing away snow faster and easier, as well as less taxing for your body.

WoodMaxx designs and manufactures two different varieties of our snow blower. We offer two different models of skid steer snow blowers and two models of PTO snow blowers. Choose from a 60 model or a 72 model, offering a 59 cutting width and a 72 cutting width, depending on your needs. The PTO models are designed to hitch to your tractor easily and efficiently, and each model offers a cutting height of 25 inches, allowing you to clear away even the heaviest snowfalls. The skid steer models powered by the hydraulics on your skid steer. These models also feature a 25 inch cutting height.

Each WoodMaxx snow blower is designed with the highest quality materials. The cutting edges are made from high quality hardened steel, and each piece is specifically designed for maximum durability and for smooth operation.

Should your moveable parts require replacing, such as the replaceable bolt-on skid shoes, we offer parts that are easy to replace by a single operator who is using basic tools. WoodMaxx stocks a full line of replacement parts for each model of our three point hitch snow blower, allowing you to get back to work quickly. Each 3 point hitch snow blower also comes equipped with a 2 year warranty, with the option to purchase an additional year. Browse the website to look at all of our models of snow blower and to choose a model that is right for your needs.

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