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Snow Blower Attachment

If snow accumulates in the in the region where you live, you need a snow blower attachment. Shoveling snow is back breaking work, as well as slow and tiring. Your snow blower can make the task of clearing snow from a walk, driveway, or parking lot faster and more efficient.

WoodMaxx makes four models of snow blowers. Choose from the SB-60, a 60 inch PTO snow blower; the SB-72, a 72 inch PTO snow blower; the SS-60, a 60 inch skid steer snow blower, and the SS-72, a 72 inch skid steer snow blower. The skid steer snow blowers use downward pressure and forward momentum to power away even heavy, wet snow, while the PTO snow blowers operate in a similar fashion but utilize power directly from the engine of your tractor. Select the type and size of snow blower that is best for your needs.

Each WoodMaxx snow blower attachment is made with the highest quality materials. From the hardened bolted-on steel cutting edges to the sturdy oil bath gear boxes, our snow blowers are designed to last winter after winter. Each model is designed, manufactured, and tested for quality and safety by WoodMaxx to ensure that you will be completely satisfied.

At WoodMaxx, we understand that you need to get to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially when the snow is flying thick and fast. Our snow blower attachments are designed to be easy to use and a snap to hitch to your tractor. You can attach the snow blower yourself without assistance.

We also design our snow blowers to be easy to use and maintain. We carry a full line of replacement parts, from the replacement cutting blades to the skid steer shoes, we have parts ready to ship directly to your door. Each one of our snow blower attachments is also covered by a 2 year warranty, providing you with additional peace of mind that we stand behind each of our quality machines.

If you have questions about our snow blowers or any of our other quality machines, call WoodMaxx. A helpful representative will be glad to answer your questions.

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