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Skid Steer Snow Plow | Skid Steer Attachment | WoodMaxx

Power Required for Skid Steer Snow Blowers

Consumers can stay prepared for fast, efficient snow clearing with a skid steer snow blower from WoodMaxx. Designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions, these snow blowers can clear snow from parking lots, work areas, and vehicular paths with ease. How much power is necessary to run one of these machines? Here is a look at the answer to that question and the level of performance that buyers can look forward to.

Power Output Needs

The snow blower for attachment to a skid steer snow plow requires a hydraulic flow of 18 to 24 GPM. If performance ever decreases, users should check connections to confirm that hydraulic flow is not being lost. To boost performance, users can consult with their skid steer dealers.

Performance Specifications

At 860 pounds, the snow blower with skid steer attachment comes ready for heavy-duty performance when the snow piles up. Driving at a slow pace, users can send snow flying as far as 50 feet away. Because the blade attachment cuts all the way to the ground, users can count on reducing risks of ice accumulation that would potentially create a safety hazard and impede business operations.
A 3pt snow blower from WoodMaxx is sure to perform well in any part of the United States as it has been engineered to handle the massive snowfall experienced in Buffalo, New York every winter. If clients ever need replacement parts to maintain peak performance, they can get those parts directly from WoodMaxx. A number of options are available to suit the different needs users have when clearing snow, and our personnel can assist clients in identifying the right one for their purposes.Back to FAQ

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