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Purpose of a Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a piece of equipment that can be used to chop leaves, wood and landscaping debris into even chips that can be used later for other landscaping purposes, recycled into new materials or used for smoking or barbecuing. The best wood chippers for sale are those that combine the most advanced features and use the highest quality materials. They often include auto feed mechanisms and anti-jam designs.

Every WoodMaxx wood chipper features the ultimate in quality. Each blade, chute and bolt has been manufactured to precise specifications to meet your every wood chipping need. We offer a wide range of products that includes heavy-duty models such as our WM series and models that are designed for lighter use, such as the WC-8N Medium Duty Wood Chipper model. We offer three different models in all that include hydraulic auto-feed chippers, mechanical auto-feed chippers and models with self-contained hydraulic pumps and drive axles. Each has been designed for versatility and efficiency to simplify even the toughest jobs.

Our wood chippers are easy to use and can fit a wide range of budgets. The quality is undeniable, and each model features dual in-feed rollers and other essential parts that can simplify even the toughest wood chipping job. With several options for greater customization, each WoodMaxx chipper has a sturdy design that ensures fast, reliable efficient chipping.

Wood chippers have a wide range of uses. Homeowners can use them to reduce yard waste into easy-to-use mulch while landscaping companies can reduce large volumes of wood and debris into more manageable chips that can then be used in recycled wood products, sold for barbecuing or smoking or reused as mulch for other jobs.

If you are interested in finding out how a wood chipper can simplify your life, we can help. Contact WoodMaxx today to learn more.

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