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PTO Chipper

PTO Chipper
PTO Chipper
PTO Chipper

When it comes time to seriously clear out ones property of trees, dead limbs, shrubbery, and other debris, individuals will need tools that work just as hard as them and can stand up to a beating after heavy use. This is why we are dedicated to offering each of our customers a PTO chipper that will get the job time and time again. If you would like a machine that can stand up to daily abuse and is still packed with the time-saving features that you need, WoodMaxx Power Equipment is exactly where you will find it.

Not only does every single PTO chipper that we sell come with the time-tested features that customers have come to expect from us, we are continuing are devotion to the research that allows us to upgrade these machines as often as possible. WoodMaxx is now able to offer each of our customers some of the best components on every single wood chipper we sell, starting with blades that are exclusively made in the USA.

Every PTO chipper from WoodMaxx comes with 2 single-edge flywheel blades as well as 1 anvil bed blade. Each of our blades are high carbon, high chromium, heat treated, and through hardened. This means that every customer that uses one of our chippers can rest assured that their machine was made to take on even the heaviest of jobs.

In addition to our advanced new blades, each of our chippers also comes with hardened steel chisel bar infeed rollers. Unlike many other brands that require the operator to take on much more of the work, these infeed rollers aggressively grab branches that go all the way up to 8. This means that those difficult branches with odd curves are no longer a concern and will not require lengthy and time-consuming pre-cutting.

In addition to some of these great new additions, every WoodMaxx PTO chipper comes with a 2 year warranty for all replacement parts and services. We understand that everyone deserves to make these types of purchases with confidence, and that is why we are proud to offer a warranty that is just as robust and durable as every single one of our products.


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