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What You Should Know about PTO Wood Chippers

Wood chippers can simplify property management for commercial landscapers and landowners by streamlining the process of breaking down and handling branches, hedge trimmings, and tree trunks. With a PTO wood chipper from WoodMaxx, you can power your chipping with the industrial vehicles you already own. After turning wood to chips, you can sell the product or use it for landscaping. Here is more information to know about these types of wood chippers.

Wood Chipping Options to Consider

Before purchasing a wood chipper, it is essential to determine the type of chipping you will be doing and measure it against your options. If you plan to do only light chipping of brush and small branches, you can save money by purchasing a chipper with lower power requirements. However, features such as auto-feed on heavier chippers can ease your workload dramatically if you will be doing heavy-duty chipping on a regular basis. Larger size is also necessary if you will need to reduce entire trees to chips.

Assessing Your Needs

Understanding your chipping needs and vehicular capabilities can ease the PTO chipper shopping process; your PTO vehicle should meet the recommended horsepower requirements for chippers that you consider. Our personnel can also offer personalized recommendations based on their extensive experience in this field.

Whether you are searching for a PTO chipper for sale to use personally or commercially, WoodMaxx is ideal for finding a reliable product with capabilities that meet or exceed your needs. A range of available power requirements, sizes, and other features provides options for everyone. In the long term, replacement parts from WoodMaxx can help keep your chipper up and running at all times. Contacting our company personnel is a great way to get started finding the PTO chipper that suits you best.

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