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Important Features of a Snow Blower Attachment

The time of year for snow is quickly approaching. Snow is picturesque on those quiet wintry days, but it can also be inconvenient and dangerous. As snow accumulates, paved surfaces can become slippery and blocked. A snow blower attachment can make the job of clearing snow faster, easier and more efficient than ever before. WoodMaxx offers snow blower attachments that are designed to meet your unique needs.

Four different snow blower attachment models are available, including skid steer snow blowers and PTO snow blowers. They are designed to work on different machines, and should be purchased according to your needs. The skid steer snow blowers are designed to work of your high flow skid steer The PTO snow blowers are similar but can be powered directly through your tractor for maximum convenience and versatility. Skid steer and PTO snow blowers are popular for professionals and property owners and can stand up to even the harshest winter conditions.

WoodMaxx crafts its snow blower attachments using the highest quality materials that are currently available. These include hardened bolted-on steel cutting edges, oil bath gear boxes and convenient attachments to snap onto your tractor quickly and easily enough that you can get the job done alone. Cutting height, hydraulic motor size and compatibility may play a role in your final snow blower decision.

Snow blower attachments are built to last, but they are also built to be easy to maintain. We carry a full line of replacement parts that include not just the cutting blades but also the skid steer shoes, and these parts are ready to ship when you need them so that you can get back to work without any unnecessary downtime.

A two-year warranty is available on all snow blower attachments, and WoodMaxx offers a wide selection of other outdoor products including wood chippers for sale. Representatives are available, so give us a call to learn more about the equipment that is best for your needs.

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