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How Much Horsepower do I need to Operate a WoodMaxx Chipper?

When it comes time to take on some of the most strenuous jobs, you deserve equipment that will not only stand up to daily abuse, but will carry out these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is why WoodMaxx Power Equipment takes the time to research and test every component of every product that we sell so that our customers can rely on the machines they purchase of us.If you have recently purchased a PTO driven wood chipper from WoodMaxx, or are on the market for a PTO wood chipper, here is a look at the horsepower that will be required to operate one of these units.

We offer both hydraulic and mechanical chippers, but either machine will need at least 19 horsepower at the PTO to get the job done. It is important to know the horsepower your tractor puts out at the PTO as opposed to the engine, because that is the statistic that will impact your chipping ability. The more horsepower you have, the better the machine will perform. A tractor with 19 horsepower will not be able to chip material as large as a tractor with 30 horsepower. There is no such thing as too much horsepower, because our PTO shafts are shear-bolt protected.

After thorough testing, we have found that our 200 LB. flywheel is the ideal size for a wide range of motors and will produce the most efficient results. Companies that opt for larger flywheels will often be drawing power from the engine without supplying it directly to the blades that will be doing the mulching.

All wood chipper machines that leave our factory have been built with durability in mind, so contact WoodMaxx today to see which of these world-class products will fit your own needs.

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