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How is a Snow Blower Attachment Used?

Whether you only get a little snow each year, or you expect to receive several repeated bouts of heavy snow, a snow blower attachment is one of the most useful machines you can own. Snow blowers make the task of clearing the snow fast and easy.

WoodMaxx snow blowers attach to your tractor, saving storage space. When you are ready to use your snow blower, simply hitch it to your tractor and get started. Some competitor snow blowers are difficult to hitch to a tractor and may require two or more individuals to properly secure it. However, each WoodMaxx snow blower is designed to be easily attached, and ready to go on within minutes, without additional assistance from others.

WoodMaxx designs and manufactures four different models of snow blowers. Choose from two skid steer models or two PTO models. WoodMaxx creates snow blowers in two different cutting widths. Select a 59 inch model for tractors with a tire width of close to 60, or select a 72 inch model for larger tractors.

Each quality WoodMaxx snow blower is specifically designed to be user friendly and extremely durable, lasting year after year. Each snow blower is made from the highest quality parts, such as hardened bolted-on steel cutting edges to durable plate steel siding, your WoodMaxx snow blower is built to undergo rigorous use without breaking down.

Visit our website for specific information about each model of snow blower. Be sure to also check out our models of chipper shredder and our backhoes. Each WoodMaxx machine ships free within the continental United States and throughout Canada, and each machine comes with a robust two year warranty.

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