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How does a Wood Chipper Work?

A wood chipper can be one of the handiest pieces of equipment for any homeowner or property owner. A commercial wood chipper can easily process virtually any yard waste into chips for reuse or recycling. WoodMaxx offers a selection of industrial wood chippers that can meet your needs as you keep your property clean and well-maintained.

WoodMaxx 3pt wood chippers are designed to be attached to your tractor or other machinery. This provides them with the power they need and allows for greater maneuverability. In the hydraulic machine, dual in-feed rollers grab the material quickly and evenly draw it into the chipper. Smooth, consistent pressure is maintained on both the largest limbs and finest leaves to reduce the amount of time and energy that you need to expend as you process the waste. As the material is drawn into the chipper, high-carbon blades mulch it into consistently sized chips or shreds that can be used for other landscaping tasks, for mulching, barbecuing or easy disposal. You will have complete control over the speed of the in-feed rollers so that you can better manage the size of the chips or accommodate different sized branches.

As the material is processed, it will be expelled through the chute, which can be adjusted to feed out into another container or compost pile. Quick-change blades, reverse settings and EZ-Hitch options make our WoodMaxx wood chippers extremely versatile, easy to use and among the top chippers in the business. WoodMaxx wood chippers have both personal and commercial applications and include robust three-year warranties. They can be shipped throughout the continental United States and Canada for no extra charge, and replacement parts are available at the time of purchase. Contact us today to learn more about your preferred wood chipper for sale.

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