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How can Chipper Shredders be Used?

When purchasing equipment for your home or business, you may have passed by chipper shredders and wondered how they could be useful for your needs. Chipper shredders have a variety of functions, making them one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for any homeowner, rancher, farmer, or business owner with a wooded piece of land. WoodMaxx designs and manufactures four models of chipper shredder.

The primary use of chipper shredders is to turn scrap wood or scrub brush into wood chips. These chips are smaller and easier to bundle and transport than bundles of scrap wood, saving money and hassle. Even better, the chips can be sold for many uses, including cushioning material for playgrounds and ground cover for gardens and parks. Wood chips and shreds can also be used for mulch. Finally, if the wood is of the type that is useful for cooking or smoking, such as apple or mesquite, it can be sold for these purposes too.

WoodMaxx’s chippers for sale are among the most well-loved and popular models on the market. Be sure to read our wood chipper reviews on our website to find out why our customers love our chipper shredders, and learn about their many uses.

Each model of chipper is made from high quality plate steel, enabling it to withstand use year after year. Our unique shaft and flywheel design allow the chipper to run strong and true. For added peace of mind, WoodMaxx throws in a standard two year warranty, with the option to purchase an additional year.

Visit the WoodMaxx website to learn more about each individual model of chipper. Be sure to read about our other quality machines as well, such as our models of backhoe, snow blowers, flail mowers, and rotary tillers. All machines ship free within the continental United States and Canada.

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