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Common Features in WoodMaxx Chippers

Big jobs need rugged equipment. WoodMaxx Power Equipment offers a series of heavy-duty equipment that can help you clear brush, clean up your property and perform other routine maintenance jobs easily and efficiently. Our wood chippers include innovative features, durable designs and high-quality craftsmanship that allow you to get virtually any outdoor job done quickly and easily.

Our wood chipper models are designed to help you complete your outdoor maintenance tasks more efficiently. We have extensively studied the features that property owners want and expect in their outdoor equipment, and we have created innovative, efficient ways to integrate those features into our own products.

Each wood chipper we make includes the highest-quality materials available so that you can be confident of enjoying year after year of service. The high-chromium, high carbon A-8 tool blades are designed to be easily switched by a single operator for uninterrupted service, and they are attached securely to the flywheel with 12.9 Holo-Krome bolts.

Several models of chipper shredders are available. The wood chipper attachment features a mechanical auto-feed system that includes in-feed rollers that are powered by a gear box and drive shaft. We also offer chippers that are powered by a self-contained hydraulic pump and reservoir. The dual in-feed rollers improve speed and efficiency. The lower in-feed rollers pull materials through the chipper as the upper in-feed rollers maintain the appropriate amount of pressure for smoother, faster processing of virtually any lawn debris.

WoodMaxx offers replacement parts at a discounted price at the time of purchase, and we also have parts ready to ship whenever you need them. Our three-year warranty offers you incredible peace of mind, and we have designed our easy-to-navigate website to enable you to research all your options before making your purchase. Contact our experienced customer service professionals today to find out more.

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