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Best Type of Snow Blower Attachments

It can be easy to ignore the need for a snow blower when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. However, when the snow is falling fast and thick, a snow blower becomes an indisputably wise investment. WoodMaxx offers two different models of snow blower attachments that can help you keep your property free of snow. The PTO snow blower and skid steer snow blower attachments are among the most popular models.

The PTO snow blower is available in 60-inch and 72-inch sizes. Wider cutting edges are often preferred by property owners who have large properties or who live in areas that get heavy snowfalls. A PTO snow blower comes with a standard manual crank handle, which can be upgraded to an electric or hydraulic chute rotator and deflector. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver yet still contain all the power and durability that you need to get any snow removal job done. Your tractor engine powers the PTO snow blower attachment for greater versatility. WoodMaxx skid steer snow blowers are available in the same sizes but are powered by hydraulic pressure. Skid steer snow blowers are designed to be strong, durable and easy to use. A single operator can attach them to the tractor within minutes, and even beginners can use this model.

Every WoodMaxx snow blower is built to last through regular, heavy use and has been designed using high-quality materials, including hardened steel replaceable bolted-on cutting edges and sturdy fans. They all feature a robust two-year warranty, and replacement parts are just a quick phone call away and ready to ship whenever you need them. WoodMaxx has earned a world-class reputation based on its variety of chipper shredder models, and they put the same commitment to excellence in each piece of equipment they design and offer.

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