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Backhoe for Tractor

backhoe for tractorIf you are in the market for a backhoe for tractor, WoodMaxx has the high quality, durable backhoe that you need. Each WoodMaxx backhoe is designed to quickly and efficiently attach to your tractor, allowing you to get to work within a matter of minutes.

WoodMaxx backhoes have quickly become a household name in reliability and dependability, and with good reason. Each part and component that goes into building a WoodMaxx backhoe for tractor is made from the best quality parts available. From the smallest bolt to the baked on, rust resistant powder coat finish, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the best quality backhoe on the market today.

WoodMaxx backhoes come in three sizes. Choose from the WM 6600, a 6 foot backhoe for tractor, the 7 foot WM 7600 model, or the 8 foot WM 8600 model. These models vary in their maximum digging depth, their loading height, their loading reach, and other key factors. Choose the model that is ideal for your needs, or contact a knowledgeable WoodMaxx representative for assistance with selecting the right model.

Our WoodMaxx backhoes have many features that competitor models lack. From their durable yet lightweight construction, allowing a single operator to attach the backhoe to the tractor, to the versatile switch allowing the operator to select SAE or ISO control patterns, WoodMaxx backhoes are designed for ease of use.

At WoodMaxx, we know that when it comes to choosing a backhoe for tractor, quality and durability are your two main concerns. That is why we equip all of our backhoes with a standard two year warranty, with the option to purchase an additional extended warranty. However, should something go wrong or should your backhoe need service, the WoodMaxx Service Department can help you get the parts you need to get back to work. Our Service Department carries a full line of parts for our backhoes, from replacement bucket teeth to hydraulic filters, and we ship quickly.

If you have any questions about our backhoes or if you need assistance, feel free to call us anytime. Our skilled representatives are ready and willing to assist you with all of your backhoe inquiries.

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